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Template Engine

The Template Engine repository contains a Java all purpose Template Engine (e.g. HTML page generation, code generation, forms generation) plus ant tasks and an Eclipse plugin with syntax highlighting.

MDD Generator

The MDD Generator repository contains the components for a code generator framework using UML models and the Template Engine. The MDD Generator framework is nearly completely bootstrapped by using the generator on UML/MOF models of the UML specification.

MDD Platform

The MDD Platform contains an example platform (libraries, frameworks, templates) to build model driven projects.

MDA Generator

The MDA Generator contains the first version of the generator framework for model driven software development. It is superseeded by the MDD Generator.


Baumeister is a build system combining the simplicity of the convention based approach with the power of a configuration based approach and the extensibility provided by Clojure. The Baumeister repository contains Baumeister build system and a lot of plugins and templates for e.g. Java, AspectJ or Clojure projects.


The CljBase repository contains Clojure libraries with no dependencies other than on clojure, java and other libraries in this repository.


The CljMath repository contains libraries with mathematical formulas and algorithms. It contains code e.g. for trigonometric, statistical, stochastical and financial calculations as well as vector, matrix and complex math.


The CljXML repository contains libraries for the handling of XML data. It contains DSLs for a variety of XML dialects (XHtml, SVG, Docbook, XSL-FO, MathML, ...) and a library for creating these DSLs by just listing al the tags.


The CljComponents repository contains Clojure wrappers for common Java libs (e.g. Apache POI, JFreechart).


The CljDevTools repository contains some libraries to help with some software development and build tools.


The CljAstronomy repository contains a library for astronomical calculations and an astronomical application (work in progress) using the algorithms. THe vision of the application is to provide a full featured astro application with sky and solar system charts, ephemerides calculations, telescope control and observation log.